About us


Detalle panel imitación piedra Terra grisis a brand of panels, beams and decorative items of polyurethane that we make to give a different touch to your rooms.

Our imitations of stone, brick and wood are carefully treated to give a real appearance to the products.

We have an experience in the manufacture of pieces and accessories of polyurethane inherited since 1.973. We are in continuous study to introduce new products and formats in the market, in order to make easier their placement and decoration of your home or business. We continue developing according to the regulations, needs and requirements of the market.

Our clients are the most important thing we have. For it we give priority to the direct and personalized attention.


makes decorative panels for the wall . Our finished ones reproduce faithfully different forms, colours and textures of stones, slates and bricks. We can make the colour you wish.

The beams of polyurethane, which are easy to manage because of their light weight, have until the minimal detail, faithful reproduction of the real wood.

Instalación de panel piedra pizarra marrón We also make frames for pictures, mirrors, decorative columns and endless number of products for order. Do not hesitate to consult us for any figure or material that you could need for decorating.

The installation of our products is easy and clean. You don’t need permission for work for the installation and it can be assemble by just one person.

We use the best raw materials in order to reinforce the pieces, making them harder, stable and durable.

We send the purchase directly to the clients address.

We are pleased to give you advice in everything you would need like number of pieces calculation, installation instructions, colours, environments and model selection.

Telephone: (+34) 96 1517144